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Step 1

Click the giving link below, which will take you to
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Step 2

In the comments section, write the motivation code (ex. MC:ZJ) for the project you would like to designate funds to (codes are listed below). Or leave blank.

Step 3

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Mail in Support

If you would prefer to mail a gift, please write Africa’s Hope: 6827695 (40) on your check or money order and send to:

Africa’s Hope
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

Project Motivation Codes


Discovery Series

Journey of Discovery – MC:ZJ

Amharic – MC:ZA

Arabic – MC:ZR

English – MC:ZE

French – MC:ZF

Hausa – MC:ZH

Lingala – MC:ZL

Malagasy – MC:ZG

Mòoré – MC:ZM

Oromiffa – MC:ZO

Portuguese – MC:ZP

Somali – MC:ZX

Swahili – MC:ZS

Living the Truth – MC: IV

Pastor’s Helper – MC:IM

Biblical Principles of Marriage into Swahili – MC:JR

Muslim Ministry into Swahili – MC:JV

Pastor Gaston Discovery Series – MC:JQ

French Fire Bibles for West Africa – MC:JW


General Scholarships – MC:JT

Angola Scholarships – MC:IJ

Burkina Faso Church Planters – MC:JY

Northern Cameroon Church Planters – MC:JM

Liberia Scholarships – MC:JP

Nigeria Scholarships – MC:IL

Bible School Leadership Conference 2017 – MC:KC


Gabon Generator – MC:IP

Sierra Leone Kindles – MC:JO

Publish4ALL Printing Press – MC:IK


Addis Ababa Bible School – MC:JD

Gambia Bible School – MC:JZ

Huambo Bible College – MC:IS

Kaya Bible School – MC:JC

Malawi Bible School – MC:JA

Additional Information

Net proceeds will go to the designated project on the donation. Because your commitment is an agreement between you and God, it is understood that you may revise it at any time.

Africa’s Hope is a non-profit organization, a ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions. Your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law. We are so grateful to all of you who give to make this ministry possible.

If you have questions regarding financial support, feel free to email Africa’s Hope at info@africashope.org or call us toll free at 1-866-330-4896.