Trained Leaders are the hope of Africa.

Africa’s Hope rests in the hands of its future leaders. We invite you to partner with us as we work to build and empower the men and women across Africa who have answered the call.

The Fight Against Ebola Continues


As you know, a terrible outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has caused widespread panic and fear across several West African nations. This highly infectious disease has claimed nearly 5,000 lives. Liberia has been hit extremely hard. The last report from Liberia was that at least six of our AG pastors have died.

The Liberian government has ordered public offices, schools and many businesses closed indefinitely while medical teams try to isolate infected patients and prevent further spread of the disease... read more

Journey of Discovery Begins


Africa's Hope invites the U.S. Fellowship to go on the Journey of Discovery.

Over the past few years, Africa's Hope has worked with African leaders and missionaries to develop the Discovery Series, a 38-title curriculum designed to equip Pentecostal ministers in Africa.

By 2020, Africa's Hope wants to provide the complete Discovery Series in a total of 10 languages spoken in 45 African nations. Thousands of African pastors... read more


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Meet the Director

John Easter, Ph.D. in intercultural studies and a 10-year missionary to Malawi.

Meet The Team

Africa's Hope is a team advancing the Kingdom of God by training African leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.