Technology & IT

Providing technological resources to our Bible schools where they will improve communication, administration, teaching, and learning on campus.

Africa’s Hope Provides:

  • Computer labs for schools
  • Laptops for faculty
  • Computer consultation
  • Refurbished, used computers for Africa

  • Internet consultation
  • Internet connectivity
  • FasTrack Bible school software program
  • Educational Test Bank System

Computer Labs

Computers are commonplace in the United States, but in many cases, they are a luxury in Africa. Many ministerial schools that could not afford to purchase computers now have a computer lab for their students because of Africa’s Hope.

Africa’s Hope ships computer labs to Bible schools and helps with installation and operation to improve communication, administration, and teaching on campus.


One way we can help strengthen Assemblies of God national churches and pastors is by providing leaders with Kindles. For the majority of recipients, an Africa’s Hope Kindle represents the only library they will every own.

Each Kindle is loaded with more than 900 books focusing on preaching, teaching, discipleship, personal growth, leadership, and other ministry topics.


FasTrack® is a computer program for keeping academic records. The program allows the school registrar (or other office staff) to have immediate access to student data and to track every student record from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

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Computer Labs across Africa