Africa’s Hope Publications serves Bible schools across Africa with critically needed resources to support their training efforts. In many places training resources are difficult to find. By providing these necessary resources, Africa’s Hope increases the effectiveness of our Bible schools and extension programs on the continent.

The Africa’s Hope Discovery Series curriculum is designed with the African ministry context in mind. Our target audience includes diploma-level Bible school students, pastors, and laypeople who sense a call into ministry. With five content divisions, the series balances good scholarship with practical application for ministry.

The Discovery Series texts use appropriate instructional methodology and apply English as a Second Language principles in vocabulary and grammar. We strive to keep the series affordable so that student and pastors can purchase a copy of each text.

The Discovery Series balances good scholarship with practical application and is written for use in the classroom with discussion and review questions.

The series is currently made up of 38 titles that fall under the categories of Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Leadership, and Applied Ministry.

Discovery Series Supplements

Instructor Packet

The packet contains a sample course syllabus, chapter objectives, unit exams, a customizable digital test bank, answer keys, and student projects.

Student Workbook

The workbook contains homework questions for review and application of each chapter, personal context questions, and writing projects.

Test Maker

Test Maker is a computer program that teachers can use to create their own tests for Discovery Series books. All of the test questions from the instructor’s packet are also in the accompanying Test Maker file. Teachers can use the program to select questions of their choice to instantly create their own personalized tests.

Living the Truth is a seven-year Bible study curriculum developed by Africa’s Hope Publications and Africa Harvest Ministries with the African church in mind. More than 115 authors from 16 countries have contributed to the series. To meet the needs of churches across the continent, Living the Truth will be translated into the major languages of Africa.

The series covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for the purpose of a church’s ongoing discipleship programs. It can be used in a variety of contexts such as Sunday School, a mid-week Bible study, or other small-group formats.

Components of the series include teacher lesson plans, weekly memory verses, group discussion questions, and a handout for students that challenges them to live out their faith evangelistically.

Living the Truth emphasizes our Pentecostal distinctives of the empowering baptism in the Holy Spirit and God’s mission to reach the lost around the world. Many churches in Africa have few, if any, Pentecostal resources available for lay training in their own language. Living the Truth was developed to fill this void.

Bible School Leadership Manual

This manual is a resource created to help Bible school administrators with the immense task of running a school effectively. The manual walks through the ten standards of a quality educational institution, as developed by The Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa. After working through the standards, Bible schools will be better equipped to train the next generation of leaders in Africa and to pursue endorsement and accreditation for the school. The manual also provides a wealth of practical resources and sample documents, such as forms, job descriptions, policies, and templates.

Theological Training Models

This is a practical and relevant resource for those in leadership roles at theological institutions who are committed to providing an appropriate training model that will align with the vision of why their institution exists. The book will motivate and inform personal and institutional reflection in order to discover new training models and evaluate existing ones. This process will result in increased capacity and effectiveness of the institution.

Roots of Faith is a Bible study designed for local church workers to deepen their knowledge of God’s Word and to achieve spiritual renewal. Developing deep spiritual roots will result in greater fruitfulness and effectiveness in ministry.

This series is an adaption into Portuguese of the Christian Worker Bible Study Series developed by Earl D. Megginson, ThD. Africa’s Hope is grateful to Dr. Megginson and Global Youth Evangelism for permission to print this unique and valuable resource that has been used to train thousands of believers in Portuguese-speaking Africa. The study is divided into four cycles, and each cycle contains twelve studies. Students are required to read sections of the Bible, complete questions related to their reading, and attend regular classes. When they have completed all four cycles, they will have read the entire Bible and earned a certificate. Roots of Faith is designed for advanced lay training and has served as entry-level material for ministerial training.

Go teach logo circle greyscale-title

Go…Teach is a Great Commission series for youth that integrates the missionary mandate with Bible studies. The Great Commission has two primary emphases, each being equally important. Jesus’ first requirement of His disciples is to “Go.” The second obligation is to “Teach.” It takes both to achieve His objective and to meet His demands. Walking in complete obedience to these instructions fulfills Jesus’ expectations of every believer.

The series is designed as a teacher’s guide. Each issue centers around 2 subjects with a total of 16 studies. Subjects focus on building a biblical foundation for the Great Commission. Select studies highlight a tribe (language group) for the purpose of awareness and prayer.

The intent of Go…Teach is to advance Jesus’ Kingdom by making disciples and assist in maturing born-again believers through teaching.