Power for Training in Gabon


We really need your help in Gabon. Our work there is under spiritual attack. Since the launch of the Gabon Bible School construction project, the work has gone rather smoothly until this point. We have completed multiple phases of the construction process, and the school has officially opened. It is the first residential Bible school in Libreville for the Gabon Assemblies of God.

These spiritual attacks that are targeting the school are serious. It needs our immediate response. I learned from our missionaries on the ground in Gabon that several attacks have been launched against them and the school—even the physical buildings on the campus. The devil does NOT want this Bible school to reach its potential! But God’s Word tells us that no weapon formed against us shall prevail (Isaiah 54:17).

Our missionary in Gabon, Gary, wrote to tell us what has been happening and to ask for prayer. The attacks have occurred within a short time. We can’t tell share all of the details, but here are a few to let you know the kinds of things they are facing and how to pray:

  • physical afflictions,
  • financial attacks,
  • harassment from authorities,
  • lengthy delays bringing electrical power to the campus,
  • sudden and unexplained disruptions, and
  • a car accident that damaged the Speed the Light vehicle used by the ministry.

After sharing the details, Gary concluded with this plea for help: “We know that this is the enemy of our souls attempting to stop the school. Please pray! We desperately need your support.”

When we received this message, we prayed about how we could respond. We’re still praying for Gary, his family, the Gabon AG churches, and the new Gabon Bible School. It is very clear that the devil does not want this Bible school to function because it is a school that will train Pentecostal leaders to be sent to every region of the country. Much of Gabon has been the enemy’s territory for a long time. Gabonese Christians fight spiritual warfare on a daily basis. This country is filled with demonic activity, and many people are lost without a saving knowledge of Jesus. We believe the Bible school is going to help change the future of the country!

We have seen what the prayer and support of friends like you can do! In a similar situation in the country of Congo, a great victory was won. Heaven opened up and God worked miracles there. Today, the Bible school in Pointe Noire, Congo is doing well, and trained leaders are impacting their communities. This is an example of how our commitment to these kinds of training efforts can reap dividends.

Now, we need your prayer and support for this spiritual challenge in Gabon. I come to you today, asking if you will go before God and intercede in prayer for Gabon. Will you intercede for spiritual power to be released?

Gary tells us they still need funds to purchase an electric generator. Otherwise, they will face several months of delays in waiting for utilities to be brought to the campus. Electrical service is very unreliable in Gabon, so the generator will be useful for many years as a backup. Above is a photo of Gary next to a generator that could power the campus and is available for $16,000. With your help we could buy this generator. It would be a great gift to the Gabon Bible School and would bless the Gabon Assemblies of God. Your gift and your intercessory prayer will be a wonderful expression of faith and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Gabon.

Your support makes trained leaders the hope of Africa.

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  • Date April 7, 2016
  • Tags Technology

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