Malawi Classrooms of the Spirit


Our Vision

Our vision is to impact and equip students in Malawi who sense a call to gospel ministry bringing hope and redemption to their nation and beyond. A Bible school classroom is a “classroom of the Spirit” where students grow in Pentecostal belief and practice, and where space is given for the Holy Spirit to speak into their lives.

This project will construct new classrooms which will provide adequate space for the growing number of students expected to enroll in the Bible school in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Malawi Bible School Overview

Malawi is known on the continent as the “warm heart of Africa.” Located in Southeast Africa, the country represents one of the smallest and poorest of the 54 countries that constitute the continent of Africa. Malawi’s population is over 17 million with 13 distinct tribes.

The Bible school is in the capital of Lilongwe, a city of nearly a million people located in the center of the country. The Bible school has a strategic role in the life and growth of the Malawi Assemblies of God (MAG). It is tasked with training Pentecostal workers for every ministry role associated with the vision and goals of the national church. The MAG is a dynamic and inspirational church movement. In 1990, the MAG was comprised of 140 churches with small congregations. During the decade of the 90’s, the national church responded in faith to the challenge of the Decade of Harvest, and rapidly planted churches. Twenty years later, the MAG numbers over 2,500 churches across the nation and the rate of growth is not slowing.

The diploma-level Bible school currently has over 300 students. To support the rate of church planting, the MAG needs to expand classroom capacity on the Bible school campus to make room for a growing number of students.

Strategic Priority

Mission of the Malawi Assemblies of God: Making Jesus known to everyone, everywhere, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Goal by 2020:

1. Churches planted: Grow from 2,500 to 5,000 organized churches; 100 with more than 1,000 members.

2. Spirit-baptisms: Ensure that all (100%) AG members are baptized in the Holy Spirit through intentional and ongoing decadal emphasis on the baptism.

3. New members and adherents: Grow to 2 million members (10% of the estimated national population).

4. New ministers: Grow to 6,000 ministers by training an additional 4,800.

5. Missionaries deployed: Deploy 50 cross-cultural missionaries outside of Malawi.

Project Cost

The key to establishing a mature and sustainable church in Africa is in shaping biblically trained leadership. A vital part of that training occurs in personal experience as they encounter God’s presence while studying His word with teachers and fellow students. The Malawi Bible School trains, inspires, and empowers the future leaders of this Pentecostal church to have impact throughout their country and beyond.

Bible School Classroom Construction Project: $150,000

Your support makes trained leaders the hope of Africa.

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  • Date March 28, 2016
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