Kindles for Teachers


Kindles for Teachers

Technology has opened many new doors for training in Africa. Ten years ago we could not have imagined a device that would allow us to supply an African pastor or teacher with hundreds of electronic books. Today, that possibility is a reality, and we have been able to bless hundreds of pastors and trainers with Kindles.

All over Africa we meet pastors who only have one Bible, and maybe two or three reference books in their personal library. Sometimes we meet pastors who only have a New Testament, or only a portion of a Bible.

Meet Pastor Paolo Nobrega

Paolo is a minister and Bible school student in Luanda, the capital of Angola. He exemplifies the kind of leader who desperately needs teaching, Bible study, and ministry resources like the ones we can send on a Kindle.

Paolo works with street youth and disabled children. He organizes a soccer camp (with 140 kids) and provides games and Bible studies for them each week. Paolo is the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives. For many of these kids, Paolo is how they get to know Jesus. He is their friend, big brother, and pastor! One of the stories Paolo will share is the miracle of Jesus’ birth. He will explain how the Savior of the world came from a humble place and a poor family (a situation these kids understand very well).

Like every African pastor, Paolo needs a special library of resources for such instances. He needs reference materials, ministry helps and Pentecostal theology to be able to prepare lessons and sermons. A Kindle will a library of books will offer all of these tools.

Provide a Kindle

Each Kindle contains over 900 books. For some pastors, a Kindle will be the only library they ever own.

We can provide a Kindle to a pastor for $100. Would you like to give one today?

Your support makes trained leaders the hope of Africa.

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  • Date March 22, 2016
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