Addis Ababa Bible College


In the East African country of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Bible College (ABC) and the Ethiopia Assemblies of God, have a heart to reach not only Ethiopia, but the rest of the Horn for Christ. Ethiopia is made up of Ethiopian Orthodox, Muslims, and Animists. These individuals consider themselves religious, but they are lost and live in spiritual darkness. The majority of them live in hard to access areas and are highly resistant to Christianity. How do we reach them?

ABC is training men and women for ministry and preparing them to engage the unreached of their country and beyond. These individuals are being sent our and have begun a church-planting movement. ABC has 9 extension centers that are strategically located on the front lines to engage the lostness around them. The school is in the process of opening an additional 9 centers. The potential impact is immeasurable. But without the main campus, the life blood sustaining the extension centers stops. The Bible school is in need of a new campus to meet its rapidly growing needs. Construction is underway on a strategic piece of land in the center of the capital, Addis Ababa. Help us position the school, and the hundreds of students being trained, to reach Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa for Jesus.

Your support makes trained leaders the hope of Africa.

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  • Date February 16, 2017
  • Tags Construction

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