Our vision is that Spirit-empowered, biblically trained leaders are the hope of Africa.


Our mission is to facilitate training that equips the church in Africa to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit. Training is a vital part of the DNA of Africa’s Hope.

Church Growth in Africa

The continent of Africa is made up of 54 countries and more than a billion people. The AGWM Africa region consists of the 48 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Amidst the pressures of war, disease, food and water shortages, religious extremism, and poverty, the gospel is spreading and God is building his church. Every day, 50 new churches are planted.

Over the past 25 years, the Assemblies of God in Africa has grown from 2 million in 1990 to over 18 million adherents. Those believers amount to 73,000 congregations.

But who will lead God’s church in Africa?

The church growth we observe is remarkable, but only 40% of men and women called to ministry have access to formal theological training.

If the church is to meaningfully address Africa’s need, it must be led by Spirit-filled men and women:

  • Leaders who have diligently studied God’s Word
  • Leaders who have learned to apply God’s truth to the African context and cultures
  • Leaders willing to give sacrificially of themselves in order to disciple a new generation
  • Leaders who will stop at nothing to see the gospel taken to every tribe and tongue of Africa

We firmly believe that despite the obstacles, God has a special place for the African church in the completion of the Great Commission. We are devoted to facilitating training that equips the church in Africa to disciple the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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When we look across the continent of Africa, we see incredible opportunity and open doors. We work for an increasingly redeemed Africa. We are believing that God will allow us to continue to work in his harvest fields for a hope-filled destiny for the African church. Our strong belief is that history has not yet seen the role of the African church fully realized. - Greg Beggs, AGWM Africa Regional Director
Training is a vital part of the DNA of Africa's Hope. The church in Africa has never witnessed a time in human history when God has added souls to the Kingdom in the numbers we are now observing in Africa. With this blessing, however, has come the critical realization that if the church is going to conserve the harvest, we must disciple the local church.- Mike McClaflin, Former AGWM Africa Regional Director
Over the past two decades, Africa's Hope has demonstrated an ability to discern needs and empower students. We continue to give this task our outmost devotion. We are on the eve of another phase of unprecedented evangelism and mission work. We should not ignore the opportunity before us. - John Easter, Africa's Hope Director

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