Endorsement & Accreditation

The biggest threat facing the African church is false doctrine, so it is vital that students are trained correctly.

Africa’s Hope provides accountability in pastoral education through endorsement and accreditation, assuring that leaders are properly trained in sound doctrine. This service is provided through a partnership with the Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa (APTEA).

APTEA was born out of a collective vision of African Assemblies of God leaders who felt is was time for the endorsement program The Commission for Theological Education (CTE), the endorsing body of Africa Theological Training Service (ATTS), to become a full-service association. The CTE provided many services beyond endorsement, but the shared view was that Pentecostal training in Africa had developed to a level where it needed a full-service association of its own that could facilitate endorsement and accreditation. The association also needed to provide teacher certification, promote contextual scholarly writing, and encourage the sharing of resources. The association would actively recognize Pentecostal values and promote Pentecostal training. APTEA is Pentecostal in focus yet interdenominational in scope.

A full-service association offering three commissions:

  • Endorsement & Accreditation Commission
  • Enrichment & Certification Commission
  • Scholarly Research & Writing Commission


Services provided to Pentecostal schools and educators in Africa are:

  • Arrange triennial theological association conferences
  • Assess programs and recommend areas of improvement in member institutions
  • Recommend accreditation or endorsement of member schools
  • Facilitate the development and sharing of academic resources
  • Provide certification for qualified teachers
  • Coordinate teacher-enrichment seminars
  • Provide a website for distribution of scholarly writing
  • Promote and cultivate scholarly, contextual reflection and writing

APTEA is a founding member of the World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education (WAPTE), an international body that sets and monitors standards for endorsement, accreditation, and teacher certification for its members. The partnership with WAPTE facilitates the sharing of resources at a global level.

For more information visit: theaptea.org