Training Needs in Africa

We devote ourselves to theological education that shapes emerging generations of Spirit-filled, biblically trained leaders for the mission of God. We contend that theological education must focus on six essential values for effective leadership formation. Theological education should:

  1. Be missional in focus
  2. Be closely tied to church-planting and evangelism
  3. Produce ministers who can properly preach and teach the Bible
  4. Encourage local believers to lead the local church
  5. Encourage individual transformation and inspire servant leadership
  6. Offer relevant training within every cultural environment

We believe that, despite great obstacles, God has a prominent place for the African Pentecostal church in the completion of the Great Commission. We strongly believe that the Holy Spirit will use today’s workers in Africa to reap the final harvest.

Would you like to be part of training Africa’s next generation of pastors, trainers, and church leaders? Our goal in Africa is to have 30 new resident missionaries and 30 non-resident missionaries headed to the continent by 2020.

Are you a qualified educator and God is calling you to go? Contact us today.


One or more terms as a missionary


One teaching session or block

Making Disciples—Touching Nations

In order to realize the vision of an increasingly redeemed Africa, those who train in Africa’s Bible schools and extension programs should represent visionary leaders who are mature in ministry and trained on various levels to reach their full potential.