The African church is growing. Vital to the continued health and vitality of a growing church is the training of its leaders and congregations. Educational resources for training are a vital link in this process, and Africa Library Services (ALS) exists as a ministry to assist the church with essential information resources.

Services Offered


We acquire books in English and French from major publishers at a reduced rate. We are then able to provide our pastors, missionaries, and Bible schools with quality materials. We also provide funding for library books through partners like Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC).


We can facilitate acquiring basic to advanced libraries through the “Core” library bibliographies that ALSO has prepared for schools in Africa. These libraries are suitable for all schools, from diploma-level to advanced graduate schools.

ALSO will assist libraries to:

  • Train Bible school librarians
  • Catalog existing library collections
  • Help with library development
  • Provide computer-tracking programs
  • Distribute library shelving


We process special orders on textbooks and curriculum for both formal and informal training initiatives.

We also distribute curriculum and resources that have been developed by Africa’s Hope.


Shipping expertise is another one of our specialties. Our goal is to provide the most expedient and cost-effective means of getting resources to the continent. Shipping ranges from suitcases, to crates, to 40-foot containers.

Do you have new or used books you would like to donate?